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Saturday mornings are a little more chaotic as the highly-anticipated new TV series Chaotic officially rejoined the 4Kids TV lineup on FOX on Saturday, January 6th with 40 new episodes. Chaotic introduces viewers to a mythical trading card game that features tales of parallel worlds, incredible powers and fierce and fantastical creatures.

In the series, Tom and his friends discover that the Chaotic Trading Card Game they've been playing is a whole lot more than a game. They find that the unique codes on their trading cards are actually scans of real, living creatures with unique powers. The kids then use these fierce and fascinating beings to help further their gaming skills as they capture the codes of new creatures, new battle gear — even new locations — in which to compete.

Kids will be able to have their own Chaotic experiences by playing the Chaotic Trading Card Game from TC Digital, LLC, a division of 4Kids Entertainment, debuting at comic and hobby stores this Spring. Each card has its own unique code that not only ensures that virtually no two cards are alike, but also enables kids to upload their personal collection of Chaotic cards to battle and trade online for free at the www.chaoticgame.com game portal. Through the TV series, viewers will be able to discover battle strategies that will ultimately help them master the Chaotic Trading Card Game for both on-line and off-line game play — elevating the interactivity and engagement with kids to a level never before experienced in an entertainment property.

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